Perhaps my fellow Indie writers have had the experience that I have had regarding Indie Writer advice from other writers. Often, the really useful advice comes from writers who are still making their own ways to success. The successful ones, however, are too busy spending their pots of dough to take the time to counsel the rest of us starving artists. Therefore, we’re left to choose from a mound of suspect advice that MIGHT work and MIGHT not or a smaller pile of advice so vague the suggestions sound more like life-coaching lessons or general recommendations than anything resembling useful Indie business advice. I’ve found myself fairly frustrated over the months as I have scoured the internet for a detailed and systematized discussion on the use of social media as a marketing tool. Oh, sure, there are DOZENS of companies and writers who want to sell this information to me, but that just throws the information right back into the suspect pile (as I’m immediately suspicious of anything for which I must pay, while I have not the experience to judge the value of the product). The article I offer to you today is not helpful advice, but it will make you feel better about the hardships of our shared endeavor. At the very least, it will make you cackle like a hag at her cauldron.

If you don’t find this article funny, then all I can say is that you need to brush up your sense of humor. Without it, and if you cry over every little bump in the road and whine about how hard/serious/demanding/exhausting/thankless being an Indie writer is, you won’t survive to see success–in writing or anything else in life.

Enjoy this, my fellows! I definitely did. I even performed it for my husband in the bathroom while he voided himself. He laughed so hard he didn’t even have to push. Yeah, yeah, TMI, but I warned you all about my love of all things Under-Belly.

Until next time.

  1. I have found that some successful writers are willing to share their “secrets to success,” but a lot of them got successful under very different market conditions. Max Barry, author of Jennifer Government and Office wrote back. He was able to get a publisher in Australia without an agent. Can’t really do that here in the US. Nancy Johnson, author of Her Last Letter, wrote back and said she used Writer’s Cafe a lot. I haven’t found that site very helpful, but maybe that’s just me.

    I’m trying to build a network of indie writers and use mutual free promotion to get the word out, but that requires us all to get some fans. Kate Policani is already doing this and I’ve joined her Discover Authors site. But it’s a work in progress.

    We all need to keep our chins up and keep writing, keep seeking opportunities to promote.

    Good luck!

    • themadmack says:

      Thanks for you comment, Vince! And you actually bring up an interesting point about international presses. I’ve decided recently to pitch international presses alongside my own Indie endeavors here in the US. I’ve been reading about how different it is to publish in each country and I’ve decided to try to pitch my work in the UK and South America (though I haven’t decided exactly where yet). I have no idea how this effort will pan out, but I made the decision in consideration of audience. I write obscurrist horror and thriller and I’ve met with constant resistance to my genre-defying or -combining concepts. Maybe they will go over better elsewhere?

      As far as an Indie network with mutual marketing support, that’s how I roll. I already promote other work I’ve found alongside my own. A remarkable thing happens when an Indie artist discovers someone else has promoted her work– she’s deeply grateful! And she says so! Those thank you’s float my oil tanker.

      Take this as my open invitation to review your content and discuss your content on this blog or promote it through my Twitter account. That’s an open invitation to any writer who reads this blog!

      And good luck to you in your endeavors as well, Sir Vince!

  2. M. L. Sexton says:

    Thanks for the mention! Glad I could contribute and great article by the way!

    • themadmack says:

      My pleasure, Ms. Sexton! Good advice is very hard to come by and I LOVE what you’re doing with your blog. Many of us are clueless from the outset and bungle our ways along the Indie journey. I think your concept of creating a timeline for your work is brilliant and will help a lot of other writers along the way. I’m glad you enjoyed this article!

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