I LOST THREE Followers—Twitter & Tips to Keep from Going CRAZY

Posted: May 2, 2013 in The Indie Burial Ground
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Hello my fellow Indies! Remember that post I wrote about how difficult it is to find good advice for Indie writers? I’d like to take a moment to tell you all about Kristin Lamb since she has never published a post that I didn’t find particularly helpful or insightful. Today’s post from her blog is particularly apt, especially considering I was just talking about efficient use of Twitter in my last post, “Am I Tweeting or Just Farting into The Wind?” Give her post a read as the information is great and will give you yet one more reason to relax and enjoy your Indie writing venture. Here book, “We are Not Alone”‘ discusses many aspects of the Indie writing experience. You might consider following her, as her internet works centers around building a community of Indie writers who support each other in many different ways. Enjoy her! She’s hilarious as well as entrepreneurial and I always enjoy her posts.

And I promise you all a properly written post tomorrow! You know day jobs… they get SO MAD when you skip your shift to stay home and write 😉

Until next time, fellows!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

Twitter is a highly effective social media tool for writers when used properly (which is code for DON’T SPAM US ABOUT YOUR BOOK). There seems to be a lot of concern about numbers of followers, but I want to give some advice:

Ignore the Numbers

There is only one reason we need to care about Twitter numbers. We need to be following enough people in return or Twitter will not allow us to follow more. There is a certain ratio to be maintained and this is just one of many ways that Twitter combats spammers. If I click on someone and they are following 350 people and have 3 followers? That’s a HUGE clue this is a bot.

Yes, I have over 9,300 followers (I had to look it up), but I was also a member of Twitter before anyone knew what the heck it was. I’ve been on Twitter…

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