Good morning fellow indies and horror fans! I hope you’re Under-Bellies aren’t sweeping the floor this morning. Nothing is worse than calluses on one’s Under-Belly.

Today’s post is a bit of humor I wrote for another blog, “There but for the Grace of Kelly.” My humor rarely puts in appearances, but when it does, it belongs to the Kelly blog. It’s only right that the Kelly blog get the traffic for this article!

Furious rabbit (humor)

Furious rabbit (humor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article, entitled “On Writing…” is a short bit of humor that explores what it means for a writer to read. Because we don’t read quite like we did when we were children and first fell in love with books, do we? Something happened to the reading experience as we began to take the craft of stories more seriously, right?

So pop on over to the Kelly blog and give yourself a giggle. I won’t promise sage advice, because you won’t find it. I will promise that you could find a little of yourself in the article, as I like to think I wrote this piece as a voice for writers. Here’s the link:

I hope you enjoy this little bit of humorous writing reflection. As I’ve said before, no matter how serious I am (and I sometimes have to all but scrape the glower off my face), I still enjoy the odd spot of fun. I hope you will too!

Until next time, my fellows, smile and enjoy your work. We have the greatest job on Earth!

*I would love to be in touch with you! Fill out this form and tell me a little about what you write and what you’re working on. It would be swell to feature your fiction or helpful/insightful articles about indie writing on Morsels for Monsters!


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