English: UWE meta model

English: UWE meta model (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good afternoon fellow indies and Under-Belly feasters! I apologize for not posting yesterday, as I normally would have. I was attending to some important family business. My Grandma is doing as well as can be expected, considering her illness, and I was glad I took the day off to go and visit her. But that meant NO NEWS FOR YOU! So, now I intend to remedy that issue.

I’ve been posting about my efforts to get more traffic to my blog. I’ve given you some useful advice, concrete things you can try for your own blogs or fiction sites. The puzzle pieces are still coming together– heck I think they’re even still arriving to the table– but each time one of those pieces seems to fit quite well, I’ve been telling you about them. So, today’s post is about meta-tagging.

Honestly, I can’t really define meta-tagging. I don’t truly understand the process I just performed, but the process itself was easy enough to execute and I’ve already noticed a return from my rather modest effort. My lay-woman’s explanation of meta-tagging is that it’s another way to link all your activity together on the internet. Clearly, this kind of inclusion means that your work gets more results and you have to perform fewer tasks because what happens in one place happens in them all. Mostly what I’ve noticed, is that meta-tagging allows individuals to find my work more easily through search engines. And that’s a great thing, because up until I took the fifteen minutes to set up some meta-tags, I was getting absolutely zero hits from search engines. Which meant no one was looking at my blog unless I was online.

I won’t lie and tell you that hundreds or even dozens of people are now looking at my blog. But what I will tell you is that individual people are finding and linking to my blog from search engines I’ve never even heard of. This is great! And as I make other efforts to make my blog more relevant in searches, more and more people will find my blog in their search results.

Remember– every flood begins with a slow drizzle. So do yourself a favor and get your drizzle going by following the quick and easy instructions in this article: http://en.support.wordpress.com/webmaster-tools/

I hope you experience the same encouraging results as I did.

Until next time, fellows, work hard and love your Under-Bellies. No one else will love them for you!

*I would definitely love to hear your thoughts! Did you try the advice in this article? What were your results? Send me a note and if your comment is helpful or awesome in some way, I will certainly post it here on Morsels for Monsters!


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