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For the last couple of days, I’ve been laid up with a bum neck. Since typing is no easy feat when you can only move one shoulder, I was prohibited from writing and was left instead to spend all my time on research. Even one-handed, I can still mouse. But thanks to my chiropractors miraculous hands coupled with the miracles of modern pharmaceuticals, I can finally move today. This means I’ll be off to my day job in a couple hours, but first, I get to share with you the helpful stuff I discovered while I was down and out. Even injury has its rewards, I guess!

English: Amazon Kindle wordmark.

English: Amazon Kindle wordmark. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While I was looking about the internet and reading blogs and articles and snippets of fiction, I came across a couple of articles that were supremely helpful. These articles are on the topic of getting those coveted Amazon reviews, once you’ve officially published your work on Amazon. I personally have not yet leapt into these particularly icy waters, but as I intend to do so in the future, getting reviews is one topic in which I’ve been keenly interested. Once again, though, I have never before found really good advice about how to go about getting said reviews. In fact, most of the tactics I had planned are NO-NO’s (and big, stinky ones!) according to these supremely helpful articles. Here are the articles, for you review:

I loved both these articles and each by itself is wonderfully helpful. However, in conjunction, these two articles provide a brief and succinct how-to for the indie author who needs to gather more reviews.

On the EpublishABook Blog itself, I highly recommend this blog. I subscribe to this blog and get each post by email. Like Kristen Lamb’s blog, I read EPublishABook religiously. As an indie writer myself, I understand we can only read so many articles and blog posts during our busy days and weeks. I know I’m sometimes straight intimidated by the sheer number of blog posts I must sift through each time I login to my email. But these two blogs are reliable treasures and, even when the posts are off-topic or of a personal nature, I enjoy both blogs immensely.

So stop wasting your time wondering how you’re going to get those Amazon reviews that you need and read these two articles. You’ll be so glad you did, as they really dispell the shroud of mystery surrounding a task that takes more patience than effort.

Until next time, fellow indies, don’t forget to hug your Under-Bellies. Only we find our own Under-Bellies beautiful (unless you’re like me and you find Under-Bellies beautiful by nature!). And remember– I’m slogging through the muck of this thing so you don’t have to spend so much time at it 🙂

*I would love to here from you! Did you read these articles? Did you find them helpful or enjoyable? Did you try the advice within? Tell me about your experience! I would love to share it with the other indies who read this blog.


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