Fractional Movie Poster Photo Credit: Totality Pictures, All Rights Reserved

Good morning my fellow lovers of Under-Belly! I’m so excited to announce that I am currently working on an interview project with Malcolm Deegan, an indie horror screenplay writer and movie director from Ireland and definitely one scary and brainy dude. His debut film, “Fractional,” made my skin crawl and my brain kick into high gear. “Fractional” won 2012 best screenplay from the Independent Filmmakers Showcase and was an official selection of 2012 Underground Cinema Film Festival.

“Fractional” is an amazing film for a number of reasons that I won’t yet divulge. If you’re curious, as I am, about the inner workings of horror minds, please stop by Morsels for Monsters and check out the interview with Malcolm on Monday, July 22nd 2012.

In the meantime, support your fellow indie and check out the “Fractional” website: You can rent the movie or order the DVD and believe me when I tell you that this film is worth the $3.2o U.S.D.

I’ll see you all in a few short weeks with some great info on the film, production, and the brain capable of creating such discomfort with my Malcolm Deegan interview!

And as always, my fellows, thank you for all your continued support!

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