I’ve reblogged this gentleman before, because his posts are always short and wise. I particularly enjoyed this one. Check him out!

The Creative Revolution

Sometimes an idea can drive you, and other times it can drive you away.

When I decided to focus on The Dying Art of Conjugation, I was planning to repaint a few rough spots initially. Once I got started, I noticed some dry rot and had to replace a few boards. But now that I am about 40% of the way through the manuscript, I am finding myself razing the entire building and starting over. The idea of this book, started in 1988, was a great idea. My execution of it when I was young, arrogant and lacking experience, was poor. This is why I say your first novel will probably suck.

Now that I am completely re-writing this book, I feel a sense of relief. Patching 100 miles of pavement is a lot more work than just digging up the road and laying new asphalt.

The book will…

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