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The USA version of the "Fractional" DVD cover. Image credit:

The USA version of the “Fractional” DVD cover. Image credit:

Okay lovelies, this is the final installment of my interview with Malcolm Deegan. In this final section, Mr. Deegan and I explored his creative process for the film, questions of directing and casting, the struggles inherent to the indie artist, and his personal thoughts on the success of the film. I asked these questions because they are the kinds of questions I always wish I could ask a screenwriter/director and have never before had access. Therefore, behold my Malcolm Deegan Brain Feast and enjoy the deliciousness! (more…)


Why did I need a diaper? Because the book made me wanna wet myself. Yeah. “Baby Talk” was that effing creepy. (more…)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I can say here is “Ugh.”

That’s right. That’s all this movie deserves. But since I’m a long-winded bastard and because I’m sure you all have come to expect a little more than a grunt from me on the topic of horror movies, I’ll take a couple moments to explain why I hate this film.

If “Absentia” is indie horror getting it right, “The Human Centipede” is definitely indie horror getting it wrong. All wrong. (more…)

Here’s a question for you, my fellow indies and horror fans. What makes a committed animal lover wish she could gleefully murder every raccoon and muskrat in her town? This does:


What the hell is that, exactly? That was my beautiful Sunday morning going up in smoke and ash. Besides that, it’s a goose egg. And the Mama Goose who has spent the last six weeks nurturing the eggs is now gone. I didn’t witness her abandoning the nest and the one egg that wasn’t eaten, but I know from experience what she would have sounded like. She would have honked long and slow and sounded a bit like I do when I cry really, really hard. (more…)

I’ve been dying to review this film for you guys because this film actually scared me silly. I can’t say enough about this piece of brilliant film-work, but I’ll do my best to keep this succinct. I hope you’ll forgive me in advance, because I will probably gush and squeal and do all those things horror-women do when they find something genuinely skin-crawling.

Sinister Movie Poster - Image compliments of

Sinister Movie Poster – Image compliments of

I’m honestly a little nervous because I’m not sure I can do this film justice in my review! But I intend to try.

Sinister” was written by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, directed by Scott Derrickson, and released in 2012. I had to look these guys up because I was unfamiliar with anything else they’ve done. When I saw their previous works, nothing jumped out at me. I have seen some of their other work, but none of it stuck with me. Therefore, “Sinister” was definitely Derrickson’s and Cargill’s living, breathing masterpiece.



Jessie stared into the tiny wire cage, unable to pull her eyes away. The cedar shavings that lined the bottom of the cage were, as always, fragrant, but also alarmingly free of rodent clutter. The tiny silver wheel, which had become background music in Jessie’s bedroom, sat still, quiet, and clean. Speedy was curled in a ball, in his favorite corner, behind his wheel. He also sat still, quiet, and clean.

Jessie pushed back the sliding door at the top of the cage, her small, pale hand appearing ghostlike between the bars of the cage as she reached inside. It was not until she gently scooped Speedy into her palm that she realized she was screaming. Her throat was tight and raw, as it had been the time she choked on one of the horse pills her dad sometimes made her take. (more…)

Supernatural season 7 title card

Supernatural season 7 title card (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I may be an omnivore with a nose for blood, but even I like a little fun. Harlem Shake videos are generally stupid and make me want to smash my laptop, but as a HUGE “Supernatural” fan, I watch this video a couple times a week (usually when I’m sick to death of writing). Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.