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The USA version of the "Fractional" DVD cover. Image credit:

The USA version of the “Fractional” DVD cover. Image credit:

Okay lovelies, this is the final installment of my interview with Malcolm Deegan. In this final section, Mr. Deegan and I explored his creative process for the film, questions of directing and casting, the struggles inherent to the indie artist, and his personal thoughts on the success of the film. I asked these questions because they are the kinds of questions I always wish I could ask a screenwriter/director and have never before had access. Therefore, behold my Malcolm Deegan Brain Feast and enjoy the deliciousness! (more…)

Medical Drugs for Pharmacy Health Shop of Medicine

Medical Drugs for Pharmacy Health Shop of Medicine (Photo credit:

For the last couple of days, I’ve been laid up with a bum neck. Since typing is no easy feat when you can only move one shoulder, I was prohibited from writing and was left instead to spend all my time on research. Even one-handed, I can still mouse. But thanks to my chiropractors miraculous hands coupled with the miracles of modern pharmaceuticals, I can finally move today. This means I’ll be off to my day job in a couple hours, but first, I get to share with you the helpful stuff I discovered while I was down and out. Even injury has its rewards, I guess! (more…)

Dave Chappelle signing autographs in Cleveland...

Dave Chappelle signing autographs in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you all remember the Chappelle’s Show? It was a brilliant sketch comedy show, born of Dave Chappelle‘s singularly hilarious mind. It aired weeknights on Comedy Central. I’m sure none of you can forget Charlie Murphey’s stories about Rick James, whom Dave had a particular penchant for characterizing. I know I will never forget Tyrone Biggums, Dave’s rendition of a loveable crackhead.

Anyway, I digress. Do any of you remember why the Chappelle’s Show was cancelled? The series only ran for a few seasons before Dave quit. Do you remember why? I do. At the time of the incident, I was hard on Dave. I thought a man being paid as much as he was should bend over backwards to keep his bosses happy. But since I was not yet writing, I did not yet understand how demanding it was to be a creator. (more…)

English: seo block

English: seo block (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Did you shiver just reading the title of this blog post? Yeah, me too.

Best SEO Practices are three words (and one mind-boggling concept) that has been haunting me since I started my indie journey. With tens of thousands of indie writers (and I’m being modest) all vying for the attention of the countless pleasure-readers bounding about the internet, each one of us are desperate to snag those readers’ attentions and direct them to our own websites and blogs. But how do we do that? Is it enough to simply tag everything? To promote it on Twitter, even if you ask for retweets? (more…)

Good morning fellow indies and horror fans! I hope you’re Under-Bellies aren’t sweeping the floor this morning. Nothing is worse than calluses on one’s Under-Belly.

Today’s post is a bit of humor I wrote for another blog, “There but for the Grace of Kelly.” My humor rarely puts in appearances, but when it does, it belongs to the Kelly blog. It’s only right that the Kelly blog get the traffic for this article!

Furious rabbit (humor)

Furious rabbit (humor) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article, entitled “On Writing…” is a short bit of humor that explores what it means for a writer to read. Because we don’t read quite like we did when we were children and first fell in love with books, do we? Something happened to the reading experience as we began to take the craft of stories more seriously, right? (more…)