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Hello fellow lovers of Under-Belly and all things Gross and Hideous! I’ll admit I’m looking forward to reviewing this movie for you today, not because the movie was great, but because it gives me the opportunity to differentiate between good movies and enjoyable movies. (more…)


Good afternoon fellow indies and horror fans! I have a good question for you. What’s the difference between a terrible indie horror flick and a terrible Hollywood horror flick? Answer–the amount of money the movie wiped its ass with.

That logic doesn’t work in reverse, though. When an indie horror movie works really well– as “Absentia” does– it’s usually for reasons for more complicated than money. In fact, when Hollywood horror works well, I find it’s usually due in at least small part to the fact that the movie was visually striking, which few indie horror flicks can claim for themselves. By that logic, Hollywood should be able to produce horror that’s at least as well-done as the indie stuff. But it doesn’t. And it never will. And I think “Absentia” is a perfect example for exploring why. (more…)

I’ve been dying to review this film for you guys because this film actually scared me silly. I can’t say enough about this piece of brilliant film-work, but I’ll do my best to keep this succinct. I hope you’ll forgive me in advance, because I will probably gush and squeal and do all those things horror-women do when they find something genuinely skin-crawling.

Sinister Movie Poster - Image compliments of

Sinister Movie Poster – Image compliments of

I’m honestly a little nervous because I’m not sure I can do this film justice in my review! But I intend to try.

Sinister” was written by Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill, directed by Scott Derrickson, and released in 2012. I had to look these guys up because I was unfamiliar with anything else they’ve done. When I saw their previous works, nothing jumped out at me. I have seen some of their other work, but none of it stuck with me. Therefore, “Sinister” was definitely Derrickson’s and Cargill’s living, breathing masterpiece.