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Why did I need a diaper? Because the book made me wanna wet myself. Yeah. “Baby Talk” was that effing creepy. (more…)


“Bad Kids” Movie Poster Photo Credit:

Hello fellow lovers of Under-Belly and all things Gross and Hideous! I’ll admit I’m looking forward to reviewing this movie for you today, not because the movie was great, but because it gives me the opportunity to differentiate between good movies and enjoyable movies. (more…)

Medical Drugs for Pharmacy Health Shop of Medicine

Medical Drugs for Pharmacy Health Shop of Medicine (Photo credit:

For the last couple of days, I’ve been laid up with a bum neck. Since typing is no easy feat when you can only move one shoulder, I was prohibited from writing and was left instead to spend all my time on research. Even one-handed, I can still mouse. But thanks to my chiropractors miraculous hands coupled with the miracles of modern pharmaceuticals, I can finally move today. This means I’ll be off to my day job in a couple hours, but first, I get to share with you the helpful stuff I discovered while I was down and out. Even injury has its rewards, I guess! (more…)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence)

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

All I can say here is “Ugh.”

That’s right. That’s all this movie deserves. But since I’m a long-winded bastard and because I’m sure you all have come to expect a little more than a grunt from me on the topic of horror movies, I’ll take a couple moments to explain why I hate this film.

If “Absentia” is indie horror getting it right, “The Human Centipede” is definitely indie horror getting it wrong. All wrong. (more…)

I happened across this short story today as I was exploring the many faces of a new Twitter followers, Troy Blackford. His blog, Journey to Death at Lifespeed, features a number of short stories of the horror and thriller genres. I haven’t read much of his work, but I did enjoy a piece of his entitled “All in Your Head.” You can find that story here: (more…)